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    First Parliament of George II, Fifth session (part 2 of 4, from 28/1/1732), 28 January 1732-08 February 1732

    the House will agree to it; because I think, Sir, we ought to search whether or no there be a Beam in our own Eye in order to pull it out, before we begin to pull out the Mote that

    Council Minutes, Extracts from Town Book, 1722-30

    P d for Co on Prayer Books 1 li . 16 s . P d for help in putting the Beam in the Tower 1 s . P d for cleaning the Ald r mens Isle 1 s . P

    Limestreete warde

    dayes in the weeke, that is to say Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday: it is also thought reasonable that the common Beam be kept from hencefoorth in the Leaden Hall, and the Farmer to pay therefore reasonable rent to the Chamber:

    Journal, September 1709, Journal Book N, 01 September 1709-30 September 1709

    may have the same allowance of the tare of the cask as is commonly allowed at the King ' s Beam by the seller to the buyer, and that they be not obliged to pay duty for the tare as

    Warrants etc, August 1701, 11-31, 12 August 1701-29 August 1701

    all goods imported or exported from the city of New York or bartered there should be brought to the King's Beam to be weighed and pay a certain Duty to his Majesty for the Government: which for the said year

    Venice, February 1587, 01 February 1587-28 February 1587

    in writing, so that the King of Spain might legitimately proceed against Navarre and his belongings in Flanders and in Beam. The King instructed Villeroy to manage this affair. Villeroy has told Don Bernardino quite frankly that the matter is

    Index, B, 01 January 1592-30 April 1603

    Don Alonzo de, Captain General of the Ocean, brother to the Marquis of Santa Cruz, 3, 90, 313, 519, 747. Beam , Prince of, 360. See Henry IV. Bearnese , Spanish movements against, 360. Bearnois , The, 440, & c.

    London debates, 1790

    Pulpit of Instruction, and here communicate a System of Ethicks, diffusive as the vital Principle, and sacred as the hallowed Beam of Truth. It is with reluctance we descend to notice the vulgar and contemptible attack of a sinking Society

    Council Minutes, Extracts from Town Book, 1741-50

    when called upon there was at the same time delivered into the Custody of the said John Jenkin a large Beam & Scales 2 half hundreds 2 quarters of a hundred two fourteen pound Weights two Seven pounds two four

    Introduction, Miscellaneous notes

    Christmas, Lady Day, Midsummer and Michaelmas, p. 128, was probably a series of lights on a beam by the great Rood, the Rood beam. In 1495 6 the light was temporarily taken down, during which time certain of the subscribers

    Wills, 21-38 Henry VIII (1529-47)

    is wanting in the series. ] 1 Ob 15 January, A.D. 1521-2. 1 Where merchandise was weighed at the King's Beam. As to the connexion which the Grocers' Guild had with the business of weighing goods brought into the City,

    Index of Persons and Places, N, 01 January 1703-31 December 1703

    Andros, Sir E. Hyde, E., Viscount Cornbury. incident charges, 204. inhabitants of, 230, 235. Interpreter at, salary of, 140. King's Beam, 198. lands in, grant of, to the rectory of Trinity Church and Westchester Church, 230, 235. Lieutenant Governor of,

    Introduction, Part Two

    those in the other Acts. A Reason certainly so plain and refulgent, that it seems to be wrote with a Beam of the Sun , and is invisible only to that man which designedly shuts his Eyes. Let it be

    House of Lords Journal Volume 3, 15 May 1626, 15 May 1626-15 May 1626

    it is. "For the First, my First Reason shall be drawn from the Nature of Honour. "Honour is an immediate Beam of Virtue; and therefore can no more by a Price be fixed upon an unworthy Person, than Fire can

    Charles I - volume 449, March 26-31, 1640, 26 March 1640-31 March 1640

    and proceedings as of our intentions, which we desire to be engraved and written to the whole world with a Beam of the Sun, as well as to your Majesty. We therefore beseech you to give credence to him in Subscribers-only content


    tronage, tronagium , payment made for weighing goods at the public beam, i. 155; so tronare , to weigh at the public beam or steelyard; tronarium , public beam or steelyard by which heavy articles were weighed. Cf. Trongate of

    Report of the Commissioners, Part 1

    statutable chartered or customary functions which are herein-after mentioned, there were some privileges, such as the charge of the City Beam by the Grocers' Company, and the superintendence of Blackwell Hall by the Drapers' Company, which were continued after the

    Historical Collections, 1639-40, January-March (2 of 2)

    and Proceedings, as of our Intentions, which we desire to be engraved and written to the whole World with a Beam of the Sun, as well as to your Majesty. We therefore most humbly beseech you (Sir) to give faith

    Concerning Ship-money

    be so truly discerned, much less to multiply by the Glass of Fansie, and therefore Justice need to hold the Beam strait. I cannot fear my self, when Vulgar Censure hath executed it self upon every one that hath delivered

    Index of persons and Places, N, O

    -, Council of, 410. -, -, Deputy Auditor of Public Accounts, 411. -, -, Duty on goods weighed in King's Beam on, 360. -, -, Excise in Liquors, 360. -, -, Governor of, Captain General and Commander in Chief. See

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