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    Vessel soe much as she treads on the Ground and the breadth to bee taken within Board by the Midshipp Beam from Plank to Plank and halfe that breadth shall bee accounted for the depth, of every Ship or Vessell

    House of Commons Journal Volume 10, 6 July 1689, 06 July 1689-06 July 1689

    of this Committee, That the House be moved, That the Profits of Tronage, or Weighing at the Beam, commonly called The King's Beam , belonging to the City of London , be applied towards the further Payment of the Orphans

    Warrants etc, September 1699, 26 September 1699-26 September 1699

    York he has yearly transmitted four quarterly accounts of the public revenues arising there by the Customs, Excise, the King's Beam, Quit Rents and such Aids as have been sent thither from the adjacent Colonies for the security of the

    House of Commons Journal Volume 10, 27 July 1689, 27 July 1689-27 July 1689

    wherein there are certain Clauses relating to the Office of Out Roper and of Tronage, or weighing at the King's Beam; which, in their Latitude, may extend to impose new Rates and Duties upon the Petitioners Goods, and be also

    House of Commons Journal Volume 1, 06 May 1614, 06 May 1614-06 May 1614

    of small Debts. Weights. Mr. Middleton tendereth Two Bills: One against false Weights: - That making One End of the Beam heavier than the other, will draw 1, 2, or 3 lib. in a Draught. - Leaden Weights : -

    Venice, August 1519, 01 August 1519-31 August 1519

    congratulated him, after which all proceeded to a Franciscan Observantine church outside the town to hear mass and the Te Beam . The French ambassador did not appear, although he received notice, and the King waited for him more than

    Minute Book, July 1662, 01 July 1662-31 July 1662

    goods are or ought to be weighed by petitioners, being sworn weighers and officers to the royal beam, commonly called the King's Beam, in Cornhill, London, as by the Lord Mayor's certificate appears: and that they are accomptable to the

    Index of Subjects, J, K

    plate, 385. King's Barges , builders of, payments to, 244, 252; Master of (J. Warner), 194, 206, 244, 360. King's Beam , goods weighed at, New York, 407. King's Bench , case before, 99, 400. Crown Office, King's Clerk or

    House of Commons Journal Volume 10, 28 January 1693, 28 January 1693-28 January 1693

    City from thence. Anciently the City enjoyed all the Profits of Three Beams; viz . the King's Beam, Iron Beam, and the Steelyard Beam; and ancient Fees or Duties were answered to the City for every of them: But the

    House of Commons Journal Volume 2, 17 April 1640, 17 April 1640-17 April 1640

    to it by Necessity of Reason,- of Government. His Majesty cannot endure to have his Honour weighed at the common Beam. Would not admit the Mediation of any Person, because his Piety and Clemency so great, that no Mediation could

    House of Commons Journal Volume 10, 13 February 1692, 13 February 1692-13 February 1692

    Resolved , That, & c . That the ancient Duties of Water Bailage, and Duty of weighing at the King's Beam in the City of London , be applied towards Satisfaction of the Debts due to the Orphans of the

    Walbrooke warde

    Stephen by walbrooke. Next vnto this Stocks is the parrish church of S. Mary Wool church, so called of a Beam placed in the church yeard, which was thereof called Wool l Church Haw, of the Tronage, or weighing of

    Index of Subjects, J, K

    in lieu of bills, 81; 112; and see Warner, J. watermen, 346. beagles. See Royal Beagles. Bedchamber. See Royal Bedchamber. Beam. See New York, duty on goods weighed at. Beer buttery. See Royal Household. Bench, abuses committed by attorneys in,

    Spain, July 1537, 01 July 1537-31 July 1537

    defence of Bayonne. A levy of 6,000 men has likewise been ordered to be made in Gascony and in the Beam, ready to go to Bayonne at a moment ' s notice; but I must say that the people of

    Venice, October 1512, 01 October 1512-31 October 1512

    was strongly garrisoned and fortified. The King of Spain's tactics were to occupy the neighbouring territory, called the county of Beam, which occupied, Bayonne would fall of itself. Secondly, because the English said suspicion and discord had arisen between the

    Index, B, 01 January 1581-31 December 1591

    800, 808, 854, 856, 863, 868, 980. Beale , 484. Bear , a pet, 201. Bearimont , M. de, 103. Beam , 379, 467, 512, 720. Beglierbey , of Greece, 502, 520, 598. Belem , Castle of, 460, 552, 556,

    House of Lords Journal Volume 4, 13 April 1640, 13 April 1640-13 April 1640

    soon appear to all the World. But His Majesty will not endure to have His Honour weighed at the common Beam, nor permit any to step between Him and His Virtue And therefore, as He will upon no Terms admit

    V. The Achilles, Letters - 1762

    upon a wind, and then before the Commander in Chief's Beam, to tack. Ditto Mizentopmast head (18) For Ships chacing as before, and then abaft the Commander in Chief's Beam, to tack. Flag White with Red Cross Maintopmast head (19)

    Henry VIII, June 1521, 1-15, 01 June 1521-30 June 1521

    with the appointment of clerks, porters, & c. of the great scales and balance, and of the Iron Beam and the Beam of "le Hanzes Hanges," called "the Stylliard Beame," and of all other clerks, & c. belonging to the

    Affairs of the East India Company, Minutes of evidence: 10 June 1830

    at the same Time broad on her Beam, measure a large Tonnage? I believe, according to the English and American Mode of Measurement, they take Two Fifths of the Breadth of the Beam for the Hold; it depends therefore more

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