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    Treasury Books and Papers, August 1733, 01 August 1733-31 August 1733

    a clause in an Act of the last session of Parliament. Jacob Cheny to succeed Daniel Gibson, late boatman at Bawdsey ( 0 Beausy ) Ferry, Ipswich, at the recommendation of Mr. Samuel Kent. [ Treasury Minute Book XXVII. p.

    Entry Book, February 1694, 21-28, 21 February 1694-28 February 1694

    at Ipswich loco Robert Chaplin, dismissed. Out Letters ( Customs ) XIII, p. 92. Toby Fenn as boatman at Berdsy [Bawdsey ] Ferry in Ipswich port loco Daniell Briscoe, deceased. Treasury reference to same of the paper [missing ] of

    Entry Book, January 1680, 21-31, 01 January 1680-31 January 1680

    upon account of the Poll Act, and likewise for another smack to be employed about Poole and another about Berdsey [Bawdsey ] Ferry on the coast of Suffolk and Essex; to supply which you propose to suppress the office of

    Warrant Books, May 1715, 11-20, 11 May 1715-20 May 1715

    a tidesman in fee, Bristol port, loco Lyon Fancourt, who has surrendered that employment. Henry Wood as boatman at Berdsey [Bawdsey ] Ferry in Ipswich port loco Toby Fenn, superannuated. Robert Fisher as tidesman in Hull port loco Jonath[an ]

    Entry Book, July 1690, 21-31, 01 July 1690-31 July 1690

    ( General ) XII, p. 333. Treasury warrant to the Customs Commissioners to employ John Smyth as boatman at Berdsey [Bawdsey ] Ferry in Woodbridge port loco Edward Taylor, deceased. William Sedgell and William Conning as tidesmen and boatmen at

    Entry Book, November 1677, 11-20, 01 November 1677-30 November 1677

    [viz. ] for keeping a horse, and he is to be deputed as riding surveyor upon those coasts, viz., from Bawdsey Ferry to Yarmouth. (5) You are to pay an arrear of 19 l . due to Mrs. Anne May

    Entry Book, November 1685, 16-20, 16 November 1685-20 November 1685

    deceased. Anthony Lambe as a tidesman, Newcastle port loco George Meverell, lately deceased. John Bell as chief boatman at Berdsey [Bawdsey ] Ferry and James Carter as his mate locis John Taylor and Richard Sanders, lately dismissed. Stephen Farley as

    Entry Book, August 1682, 1-10, 01 August 1682-31 August 1682

    and searcher at Lowestoft. Jno. Harvey as same ibid. loco George Sutton, lately dismissed. Edward Hunt as boatman at Bardsey [Bawdsey ] Ferry in Ipswich port loco James Harris, lately deceased. James Hunwick to have an additional allowance of 5

    Index, O, 01 January 1681-31 December 1685

    goods account, 47; grant out of Peckham manor, 16, 121; Trustee for the Countess of Plymouth, 187, 249; lease of Bawdsey Ferry Custom House, 936. -, Daniell, Hearthmoney Commissioner, 1523. -, Edward, Visct. Latimer, perpetual interest on the Excise, 550;

    Entry Book, September 1688, 16-30, 16 September 1688-29 September 1688

    to be sent alternately to Watchet Creek, in said port, to prevent frauds. Edward Tailor (Taylor) as boatman at Berdsey [Bawdsey ] Ferry in Woodbridge port loco Richard Millard, who has relinquished that employment. George Thomas as tidesman and boatman

    Entry Book, May 1680, 11-20, 01 May 1680-31 May 1680

    Milton, a justice of Peace, co. Suffolk. In August last heard that 20 hogsheads of wine were landed at Bardsey [Bawdsey ] Ferry which were seized by Mr. Cooke, a Customs officer, [and that ] after[wards ] they were brought

    Entry Book, May 1680, 21-28, 01 May 1680-31 May 1680

    Exeter, loco Miles Temple. Same to same. In your memorial of Dec. 9 last you proposed a smack for Bardsey [Bawdsey ] Ferry at 182 l . 4 s . 0 d. per an . and same was directed by

    Index, J, 01 January 1681-31 December 1685

    1150 1. -, Charles, militia money, co. Flint, 814. -, -, waiter at the Limekilns, Bristol, 1221. -, Edward, boatman, Bawdsey Ferry, 876, 997; tidesman, London, 1140. -, -, of Bagillt, Anglesea, 1223. -, Daniel, ship's commander, 995. -, Elisha,

    Index, B, 01 January 1681-31 December 1685

    Bardsey see Bawdsey. Barefoot , James, lands, Winchester, 973. Barges see Royal Watermen. Bargy barony (co. Wexford), 433. Barillon , Paul de Barillon d'Amoncourt, Monsieur [ambassador from France ] , 697; goods for, 224. Barker , Sir John (Bawdsey Ferry,

    Index, B, 01 January 1679-31 December 1680

    Mr., clerk to John Loving (Teller), 66. Barding , Samuel, disbandment, 359. Bardolph , Sym., 500. Bardsey ferry ; see Bawdsey. Bardsey (Yorks), 236. Bare , John, disbandment, 352. Barham , John, sub-commissioner of Excise, Northumberland, Durham, Cumberland, Westmorland, 857.

    Index, F, 01 August 1714-31 December 1715

    General of assessments for Surrey, 60. Fenlay , Robert, Army clothier, payment to, 51. Fenn , Toby, Customs boatman at Bawdsey Ferry, 521. Fenovillet , James, French pensioner on the Irish establishment, 586. Fenton , Edward, sufferer by the French

    Warrants for Appointments, 1720, 02 January 1730-29 December 1730

    superannuated. John Rigg to be boatman at Ipswich port, loco John Jobson, dismissed. Edmund Warren to be a boatman at Bawdsey Ferry, Ipswich port, loco Robert Hamblin, dismissed. Ibid , p. 120. Same from same - William Alport to be

    Index, B, 01 January 1728-31 December 1730

    Robert. -, clothing for, 477, 481, 489. -, gold staffs for, 116. Baugham , Edward, Deputy Auditor of Imprests, 326. Bawdsey ferry (Suffolk) , 616. Baxter , Alexander, 309. -, William, 494. Bayliff , Lieutenant, 461. Baylis , Sir Robert,

    Entry Book, December 1690, 16-20, 01 December 1690-31 December 1690

    from the King ; Richard Andrews, surveyor, waiter and searcher, and to keep a horse, 40 l. per an . Bawdsey Ferry (Ipswich port). John Bell, chief boatman, 30 l . Colchester port. Fra. Bruer, tidesman and boatman, 20 l.

    Appendix, 01 September 1546-31 January 1547

    the coast and a considerable part of the country inland, both in Suffolk and Essex from some way ii. of "Bawdsey Havyn" to "the Nayse." Names of places are written in. "Gipswich" is seen at the top edge of the

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