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  • * Victoria County History *

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    West Ham Philanthropic institutions

    the Missions to Seamen. 50 The Bancroft 's boys' club, Prince Regent Lane , Canning Town , was founded in 1911 . Until 1965 it was financed entirely by the old boys' association of Bancroft 's school, Woodford . New

    University College

    was appointed Bishop of Lichfield and had already been translated to London before resigning the mastership. Under his successor, John Bancroft , student of Christ Church , nephew of the archbishop whom Abbot was soon to succeed, the character of

    Woodford Local government

    1848 and converted into a residence called Manor House . 16 The site is now ( 1965 ) occupied by Bancroft 's school. The overseers sometimes paid for nurses to attend the sick or assisted the latter to enter one

    Spelthorne Hundred East Bedfont with Hatton Bedfont Church , from the South Windsor Percy, Duke of Northumberland Christ's Hospital

    Pat . 1313- 17 , pp. 162, 210. Newcourt , Repert . i, 574. Ibid. Lond. Epis. Reg. Grindal ( Bancroft ), fol. 329. Newcourt , Repert . i, 574. a Lond. Gaz . Sept. 14, 1880 . Pope Nicb.

    Woodford Education and charities

    1939 . 34 The building is now ( 1965 ) used as a clinic. Woodford 's oldest secondary school is Bancroft 's, founded in 1727 and moved to High Road, Woodford Wells , in 1889 . Its earlier history has

  • * John Strype's Survey of London Online *

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    Book 1, Chapter 24 ROYAL SOCIETY.

    were thus stomached by the Civilians; so in the Reign of K. James I . under Archbishop Bancroft , in the Year 1606 , the Convocation then met, stirred in it, and prayed some Redress by a Petition of the

    Appendix 1, Chapter 11 Lambhith, alias Lambeth.

    On a flat Stone before the Communion Table, within the Rails , is thus written: Volente Deo. Hic jacet Richardus Bancroft , S. Theologiæ Professor, Episcopus Londinensis primo, deinde Cantuariensis Archiepiscopus, & Regi Jacobo à Secretioribus Consiliis. Obiit secundo Novembris,

    Appendix 1, Chapter 11 Lambeth.

    afterward Treasurer to George Archbishop of Canterbury . Dyed July 12, 1611 . Ætatis 51. On the Side of Archbp. Bancroft 's Stone, within the Rails , lyeth a fair Stone over Miles Smith , Secretary to Gilbert Archbp. of

  • * British Newspapers 1600-1900 * *

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    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    ga amryw bersoniau rsddi berithyg aytliiau o aritin heb ldg hyd les y gellid eu taln yn ol gat tir. Bancroft. Anriogwyd cyfeillion Llahcvaru a Penidiie i edrych allan am' genhadwr, a phenodwyd y P..rcbedigion J. Evans, CeArfyrddiu, a W. Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    ncynwyS en rhagredegydd mawr John Wyckeliffe, ac ni amaeuid byn yr faiwr gan un dosbarth o'r..clerigwyr Sisuig hyd amser 1 Bancroft a Laud. Diolch i lsfur ysgophaigioan y Cyf- . andir, mae y ffaithl wedi ei sefydii mor gyflawn, y Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    cyfarfod eglwysig ; testyn:yri yi- ddiddan 0'.i Syniad yr Ysbryd,' a d'wy bre-etti 'yn yr nl hwyr, gan y Parchn.Gi ,Bancroft, a M. Williams.-: Fe o' roddwyd y croesaw inwyaf lletygar i'r Cylarfad .Mieol, ip. ga gyfeillion y lie';.ac y Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    a'n. sylrwpersosbi. ^Diau'fod Ilawer iawn E o frodyr teilwng wedi eu gadael allan.:-Livorpool. y Parch. Owen Thomas. Sir'Benfro-Parchn.' George -S Bancroft, Saundersfoot, a Hugh Hughes, Thorni. Sir Gaerfyrddin-Parchn. W. Jones, Pontardlulsis; '. w Evans, Llanelli; T. James, M.A.,; cto; T. Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    J. R. Owen, ac y traddodwyd anerchiadau gwerth. ., fawr gan y Parchn. J. C. Thomas, E Meyler, G. a Bancroft, J. Joseph, a W. Powell. Cyfanswm y I- casgliadau, gan gynwys pum' gini oddiwrth.y Maer, - 70p. Y mae Subscribers-only content

  • * The History of Parliament *

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    SCOTT, John II.

    It is likely but not certain that Scott remained in the service of Grindal’s successor. Certainly, he was active under Bancroft in 1604, when he drew up memoranda to induce James I to grant the temporalities of the see to

    STANHOPE, Edward II (c.1547-1608), of London.

    his own death in 1608. In 1605 he achieved a yet higher office, the vicar generalship of Canterbury, under Archbishop Bancroft. These ecclesiastical appointments Stanhope supplemented in 1589, again through Burghley’s favour, by a commissionership in the fines office.[footnote]Stanhope’s place

    RIDLEY, Thomas (bef.1548-1629), of Doctors' Commons, London and Owslebury, Hants.

    defeat this and to obtain a body of law capable of meeting the administrative needs of the contemporary church, that Bancroft asked Ridley and two other ecclesiastical lawyers to compile the so-called canons or code of 1604. Of the 141

    CROMPTON, Thomas I (c.1558-1609), of London.

    following year he accompanied Cecil on a mission to France.[footnote]He also specialized in ecclesiastical law and came to know Richard Bancroft, bishop of London, and later archbishop of Canterbury, for whose help he always felt grateful, and to whom he

    HATTON, Christopher II (c.1581-1619), of Clay Hall, Barking, Essex and Kirby Hall, Northants.

    the wardship, met an influential counter-claimant in Edward Coke, and Hatton was finally made a royal ward. In 1599 Bishop Bancroft of London wrote to Cecil asking him ‘to favour the heir of mine old friend and master, the late

  • * House of Commons Parliamentary Papers * *

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    31 January 1692, 31 January 1693

    Dignitat. fuas, &c. " Billa vera/' Vol. XV. read- " Anna Bracegi'rdle, de Paroch. infra- " fcript, Spinfter, u Joh'es Bancroft, de Paroch. S'ffi Pauli " Coven. Garden, Chirurgus, " Ric'us Rofe, de Paroch. infrafcript. " Junftor, ' [ :£i: Subscribers-only content

    12 March 1738, 12 March 1739

    to make the Inquiry by the Houfe dire&ed, " were informed by Mr. John Bancroft, One of the Door- " keepers, " That he the laid Bancroft, by the Direc- " tiGn of the Gentleman Uflier of the Black Rod, Subscribers-only content

    23 May 1785, 23 May 1785

    525 Geo. III. Journals 0/" /fo Houle 0/* Lords, 277 fellemache's Bill: To acquaint them, That the Lords have agreed to the faid Bill, without any Amendment* Hope- 3* wYt? PePz ey? Pi/Az, intituled, " An Aft to " Subscribers-only content

    24 May 1785, 24 May 1785

    $y8 Journals 0/ /fo Houfe 0/* Lords. ^1785. Bancroft's Patent Bill. Beverley, &c. Drainage Woodmanfey Enclofure BiU. Comes P<?rre?rj. Ds. Pzz/AePy. Comes PzeePj. Ds. Sozzzzzz^rj. Comes C/zzrezzze/ow. Comes HtfArie/ge'. Vifcount Towzz/fte'zze/. Vifcount S/orzzzozz/. Vifcount i^FYzz/wor/P Vifcount ZW/ey &? PTare/. Subscribers-only content

    25 May 1785, 25 May 1785

    ^r; Geo. III. Journals 0/* /fo Houfe 0/* Lords, 281 Inglis's Dh ^orce Bill. Treafurer of the Navy, Bill. The Houfe (according to Order) was adjourned dur- ing Pleafure, and put into a Committee upon the Bill, intituled, " Subscribers-only content


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