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    Acts, 1829

    beg leave first to advert to two particulars in last year's Report, the schools of Montrose, and the school of Balmerino, in the Presbytery of Cupar. In last year's Report it was stated, by mistake, that the Episcopal teachers in

    Acts, 1828

    are. 6. Your committee are bound in duty to notice the fact, that no scholars attend the parish school of Balmerino, which, to a parish containing 965 soul s, must be very highly injurious; and, in thus noticing it, your

    Index, B

    James, 1557 (2), 1620, 1638 (1), 1656 (3). -, Michael, 134, 1510 (1). Ballentyne , Sir John, see Clerk, Justice. Balmerino , commentator of, see Haye, John. Baltic , the, 912 (2), 913 (2), 930. Bamburgh , Captain, 183. "Bamonto

    Acts, 1647

    Master Robert Douglas, Master Samuel Rutherfurd, Master Robert Baillie, Master George Gillespie, Ministers; and John Earle of Lauderdaill, John Lord Balmerino, and Sir Archibald Johnstoun of Waristoun, Elders, authorising them, with full power, to prosecute the said treaty of uniformity,

    Charles I - volume 426, July 19-31, 1639, 19 July 1639-31 July 1639

    to his Majesty with Lord Loudoun and Henderson, the people of Edinburgh, having for their leaders Balmerino and 300 gentlemen, went and arrested them, Balmerino telling them in plain terms that it was not thought fit nor safe to permit Subscribers-only content

    Cecil Papers, March 1609, 01 March 1609-31 March 1609

    as the King shall return that way. Salisbury House, 31 March, 1609. Holograph 1 p . ( 195 100) Lord Balmerino [1608 9, March. ] 'The whole persons of Assize all in one voice find and declare James, Lord of

    House of Lords Journal Volume 7, 23 September 1645, 23 September 1645-23 September 1645

    the Particulars of this Message, this House * agrees. L. Balmerino and Sir R. Heath. Ordered, That the former Order is renewed, to hear the Cause between the Lord Balmerino and Sir Rob't Heath the 14th of October next. Guernsey

    Index, B

    Quester, Postmaster, 249. Ballyshannon [Ireland ] , 17. Balmarynaghe , Lord of. See Elphinstone, James, 1st Baron Balmerino.Balmerino , J. See Elphinstone. Balmerino , Earl of. See Elphinstone. Balmerinoch , Earl of. See Elphinstone. Balmerinoth , Lord. See Elphinstone.

    House of Lords Journal Volume 19, 31 January 1711, 31 January 1711-31 January 1711

    . Ds. Sommers . Ds. Halifax . Ds. Gernsey . Ds. Conway . Ds. Hervey . Ds. Cowper . Ds. Balmerino . Ds. Blantyre . PRAYERS. Malt, & c. Bill: The House was adjourned during Pleasure, and put into a

    House of Lords Journal Volume 19, 8 February 1711, 08 February 1711-08 February 1711

    . Ds. Herbert . Ds. Haversham . Ds. Sommers . Ds. Halifax . Ds. Gernsey . Ds. Cowper . Ds. Balmerino . Ds. Blantyre . PRAYERS. D. of Schonherg takes the Oaths. This Day Meinberdt Duke of Schonburg took the

    House of Lords Journal Volume 64, 29 March 1832, 29 March 1832-29 March 1832

    Premises, as to this House, in their Lordships great Wisdom, shall seem meet; and that Alexander Boyter , residing in Balmerino , may be required to answer the said Appeal:" It is Ordered , That the said Alexander Boyter may


    numbered among its distinguished adherents the Earls of Rothes, Casselis, Montrose, Lindsey, Dalhousie, and Lothian, and the Lords Sinclair and Balmerino. (See pp. 504, 519, Nos. 89, 124.) Perceiving that the storm was fast approaching, the leaders of the Scottish Subscribers-only content


    signed quite differently from the one which was intercepted by the King. The signers are Argyle, Rothes, Montrose, Lothian, Lindsay, Balmerino, Napier, Murray, Hope, Hepburn, and J. Smith. This is followed (in the MS. at Paris, fol. 411,) by a Subscribers-only content

    Acts, 1648

    Eglintoun, John Earle of Cassils, William Earle of Lothian, Archibald Lord Angus, William Lord Borthwick, John Lord Torphichen, John Lord Balmerino, Robert Lord Burly, James Lord Couper, Lord Kilcudbright, Alexander Lord Elcho, Sir Archibald Johnston of Wariston, Sir John Hope

    Historical Collections, 1639-40, January-March (2 of 2)

    Decemb. 18. 1639. according whereunto the Nobility nominated and appointed the Earls of Lothian and Dalhouse; the Lords , Yester, Balmerino, Cranston, and Napier: The Barons nominated th e Commissioners of the three Lothians, Fife and Twedail: The Burroughs nominated

    House of Lords Journal Volume 64, 10 April 1832, 10 April 1832-10 April 1832

    It is Ordered , That the said Petition do lie on the Table. Reform of Parliament, Petitions from Collessie & Balmerino in favor of. Upon reading the Petition of the Inhabitants of the Parish of Collessie, Fifeshire , whose Names

    Historical preface, 1600-3

    18th of June, 1633, he crowned at Holyrood. In 1634 he took an active part in the prosecution of Lord Balmerino for "leasing making." On the 14th of January, 1635, he was appointed lord high chancellor of Scotland, in succession

    Historical preface, 1636-7

    document was entrusted to Alexander Henderson, minister of Leuchars, and to Archibald Johnstoun, of Warriston, while lords Rothes, Loudon, and Balmerino were appointed to revise it. It consisted, says Cunningham, of three parts. The first was a faithful transcript of

    House of Lords Journal Volume 64, 11 May 1832, 11 May 1832-11 May 1832

    future Peace and Prosperity of these Kingdoms:" It is Ordered , That the said Petition do lie on the Table. Balmerino: Upon reading the Petition of the Inhabitants of the Parish of Balm erino and Neighbourhood, County of Fife ,

    Historical preface, 1581-87

    on his secretary; but it has been suspected, not without some reason, that James acted the same part to lord Balmerino in this affair which Elizabeth did to secretary Davison respecting the execution of queen Mary. With the view of

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