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    Charles I - volume 539, June 1640, 01 June 1640-30 June 1640

    Scotland, and would intercede with our King for our peace, the conservation of [our religion ] and laws. My Lords Balmerino and Napier enjoined me straightly to deliver the memoirs in writing without addition or diminution, which I did, and Subscribers-only content

    Treasury Books and Papers, March 1731, 02 March 1731-31 March 1731

    lands and oyrs lying within the lordships of Balmerino and Cupar for two 19 years, and dis-charging him and his heirs of the blench duties payable for the lordship of Cupar and Balmerino, extending to 24 l. 14 s. 6

    Cecil Papers, October 1608, 01 October 1608-31 October 1608

    by the Lords of the Council at my Lord Balmerino, Secretary of Scotland, concerning a letter written from us to Pope Clement the 8th. Whether did not the said Lord Balmerino at many several times urge earnestly that such a

    General Index, E, 01 November 1655-30 June 1656

    Wm., deposition of Elliston , Ralph Elmore (co. Gloucester ?) Elphinstone , James, lord Cowper John, second lord Balmerino John, third lord Balmerino petition of Elstone manor , co. Gloucester Elton , Ensign Rich. Major Rich., deputy governor of Hull Subscribers-only content

    State Papers, 1645, August-November, 18 August 1645-16 November 1645

    qu'elle y pourroit apporter. Mais je m' ex cusai de l' envoy, qu'il me conseilloit. Je vis aussistot m. de Balmerino; je lui representai l'etat, o etoit reduit le roi de la Grande Br tagne. Je lui dis, qu'il etoit

    Index, E

    , Mr., 453. Ellesmere , Lord. See Egerton. Elmsthorp (Elmestorp) , [Leics. ] , 5. Elphinstone (Elphingston): Sir James, Lord Balmerino (Secretary of Scotland), 277. John, 247. (Elpheston), John, and St. Saviour's, Southwark, 267, 445. Eltham , [Kent ] ,

    Elizabeth, May 1581, 01 May 1581-31 May 1581

    to renounce all title and right that he has to a pension of 1000 l . from the abbacy of Balmerino in favour of Sir John Seton, Cavillier del Bona. Item: That he shall cause other two pensions which his Subscribers-only content

    Index, J, K

    letters to Earl of Salisbury, 256, 261, 269, 287 advises Earl of Salisbury of importance of establishing Balmerino's guilt, 257 Balmerino addresses his confession to, 258 insists on answering polemical attacks against him, 266 letter of personal thanks to Privy

    Cecil Papers, February 1607, 1-15, 01 February 1607-14 February 1607

    case may be granted to your Majesty's said subject. Edinburgh the fifth of February, 1607. Signed: Montroiss; Al. Cancellarius; J. Balmerino; Blantyre. Seal broken . 1 p . ( 120. 61.) The Council of Scotland to the Earl of Salisbury.

    Index, E

    428. Ellesmere , Lord, see Egerton. Elmar , Bartholomew, 467. Elmer , John, 274, 311. Elphinston , Sir James, Lord Balmerino, Secretary of State for Scotland, 29, 45, 138. letters from, 86, 98, 181, 358. Elsinore (Elsonore), 148. letter dated

    State Papers, 1641, August-November, 24 August 1641-16 November 1641

    prosperrimos armorum successus et salutem optatam vovemus et precamur. Vestr serenitatis frater et consanguineus amantissimus. Sic subscribitur , CAROULS R. BALMERINO parliamenti pr ses. Copy of instructions from the kingis majestie and estates of parliament to the lord general his

    Index, B

    James, 1557 (2), 1620, 1638 (1), 1656 (3). -, Michael, 134, 1510 (1). Ballentyne , Sir John, see Clerk, Justice. Balmerino , commentator of, see Haye, John. Baltic , the, 912 (2), 913 (2), 930. Bamburgh , Captain, 183. "Bamonto

    Warrant Book, February 1711, 16-20, 01 February 1711-28 February 1711

    by the Act of Union as in place of the great seal of Scotland, to constitute and appoint John, Lord Balmerino, to be General of the Mint in Scotland loco John, Earl of Lauderdale, deceased: during pleasure: with the salary

    Charles I - volume 511, November 1645, 01 November 1645-30 November 1645

    6. Proceedings at the Committee of both kingdoms this day. Present, Earls of Northumberland, Manchester, and Loudoun, Lords Saye and Balmerino, Sir G. Gerard, Sir H. Vane, Sir Chas. Erskine, Mr. Solicitor, and Messrs. Pierrepont, Crew, Browne, and Kennedy. Ordered, Subscribers-only content

    Charles I - volume 511, December 1645, 01 December 1645-31 December 1645

    1. Proceedings at the Committee of both kingdoms this day. Present, Earls of Warwick and Manchester, Lords Saye, Wharton, and Balmerino, Sir Wm. Armyne, Sir H. Vane, junr., Sir Chas. Erskine, Mr. Solicitor, and Messrs. Pierrepont, Crew, and Kennedy. Ordered, Subscribers-only content

    State Papers, 1643, August-November, 12 August 1643-29 November 1643

    the directions of the committies of both kingdomes. Signed at Edinburgh, 29 November, 1643. Sic subscribitur , Argyll, Lauderdaill, Lindsay, Balmerino, Sir Arch. Johnestoun, Sir Adam Hepburne, Sir John Smith, Sir William Armine, Thomas Hatcher, Robert Goodwein, Ritchard Barveis, Robert

    Treasury Books and Papers, May 1730, 04 May 1730-30 May 1730

    234 . Memorial of John Lord Balmerino and Cupar [to the Lords of the Treasury ] praying a discharge of all the yearly blench dues of 101 l. Scots from the lordship of Balmerino, and 204 l. Scots from the

    Cecil Papers, January 1605, 1-15, 01 January 1605-15 January 1605

    means for my sake he may prevail therein. 12 Jan. 1604. Signed. Seal . p . ( 103. 108.) Lord Balmerino to Viscount Cranborne. 1604 5, Jan. 13. Please your lordship take pains to look upon this rude draft of

    Index, E

    Eltham. Elouin , James, 167. Elphinston (Elphreton): Alexander, 4th Lord Elphinstone, 488. Alexander, Master of Elphinstone, 488. Sir James, Lord Balmerino, (Secretary, and Lord President of Scotland), 20, 86, 87, 105, 152, 294. -, letters from, 12, 152, 219, 245,

    Cecil Papers, September 1607, 1-15, 01 September 1607-15 September 1607

    Ambassador may be dealt with to give him satisfaction. Falkland, 3 Sept., 1607. Signed: Al. Cancell: Lothian, Jo. Prestonn, J. Balmerino. 1 p . ( 122. 59.) Sir Jo. Ferne and Sir W. Gee to the Earl of Salisbury. 1607,

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