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  • * British History Online *

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    Addenda, August 1684, 01 August 1684-31 August 1684

    of the proposals of the Onandagas and Cayouges Sachems at New York. Abstracted in a previous volume of this Calendar , 1681 1685. No . 1824. Draft in John Povey's handwriting . 2 pp . [ Colonial Papers, Vol. LXV.,

    Addenda, Miscellaneous, 1688, 01 January 1688-31 December 1688

    recent letters from Governor Dongan, relating to the Indians at New York. The latest letter seems to be that of 19 February , 1688. See previous volume of this Calendar , 1685 1688. No . 1638. Draft, with corrections .

    Warrant Book, Miscellaneous year, 1704

    New York. We distinguish his pretences under two heads, what relates to the military part and what only concerns the Civil Government and revenue. As to the military part he claims allowance of the following sums : New York money

    Warrants etc, September 1699, 26 September 1699-26 September 1699

    than sent to New York. In this case he may be allowed time to send to New York to complete his said vouchers. Followed by: objections to Mr. Brooks' accompts of the revenue [of New York ] . s. d.

    Addenda, April 1689, 01 April 1689-30 April 1689

    Council of New York. Proclamation for taking over a ship in distress anchored off Sandy Point. [ Col. Entry Bk., Vol. LXXV., pp . 56, 57. ] April 26. 2,734 . Minutes of Council of New York. The Lieutenant-Governor read

  • * British Newspapers 1600-1900 * *

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    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    Lloegr yn gwella ynrhwym a effeithioai bericodiad yn yr 'd yn y lleoedd hyny. Mae y blawd wedi codi'yn New York; a chan y gall y gauaf fod yn gynar yr y Taleithiau unmedig, y mae yn dra tlebyg y Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    STOCK Y.GAUAF All~~~~~~~~~~~~~A YN COMPTON .oUSE, CA--ER1NARFO)N. AO Newvdd ddyfod adref, STOCK FAWR o bob iath o iD1FNYDDIAU DILL- i'DAU at Dymor y Gauaf; yn cynwys _ dewisiad ac amrywiaeth helaeth o WATERRPROOF CLOAKS, JACEDI, ,French I:Merinoes, Repps, Tweed, Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    mhalas Dolmabachtsche. Yr oedd y llongau wedi 'eu haddurno a baneri a'r ddinas wedi ei goleuo yn ardderchog. A.MERICA. New York, Hydref 29.-Derbyniwyd bwn- delau o gotwm o'r talaethau deheuol, ac y mae golwg lied dda ar y cnydau, a Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    Y PEDAIR EFENGYL. CYHOEDDEwIC GAN R. 0. REES, DOLGELLAu. : YSONDEB Y PEDAIR EFENGYL, gan y Parch. UDr. Robinson, New York; a Thraethawd Arwein- iol gan y Parch. Dr. Edwards, Bala; Ail argraffiad gyda lliaws mawr o Nodiadau ychwanegol, oll Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    archddiacon :-" Cydraddoldeb Crefyddol," a "Dadgysylltiad." Dalw yn elawer mwy by- ddarol yn fnan. Y mae Bwrdd, Addysg dinas New York newydd gyhoeddi adroddiad y (yfeisteddfod a benodwyd i wneyd ymchwiliad i sefyllfa addysg yn boll ysgolion dyddiol y ddinas. Subscribers-only content

  • * Victoria County History *

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    Aldham Local government

    of 9 s . a week, to help provide employment. In 1830 one man was helped to emigrate to New York . 29 Expenditure on poor relief rose from c . £120 in 1776 to an average of c .

    Wivenhoe Charities for the poor

    and poor during the 1920s , and distributions made in money, food, and coal. 22 M. B. Brown of New York had spent some years in Wivenhoe and had regularly contributed to the relief of the poor; on his death

    Lady Margaret Hall

    justify so heavy an outlay; but it was made possible by the munificence of Mrs. Edward S. Harkness of New York , who, in Oct. 1930 , crowned her other benefactions by one of £35,000 to build the necessary accommodation

    Stowell Stowell in 1839

    /LR 7; DD /RUT 12; above, Horsington , manors. P.R.O., C 133/28, no. 8. S.R.O., DD /HI 119. Poughkeepsie, New York , Vassar Coll ., English colln., box 3; P.R.O., CP 25/2/1057 /10 Geo. I Mich. S.R.O., Q/REl 18/13; ibid.

    Beverley , 1700– 1835 Social Life and Conditions

    and Capt. Henry Law , both from New York , while another resident was Col. Christopher Machell , an Englishman who had lost an arm at th e battle of New York . 29 By the mid 1830s Beverley was

  • * John Johnson Collection of Printed Ephemera * *

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    Statement to Second Nat. Bank

    (Statement to Second Nat. Bank) [Theater, Accounts, theatrical] :^:^^^^'^^^^'^^^ // ® •uo'puo'j uo ¦sduv^pa^ r?l'9 y ^^ I HOf ^7-^.Rt^^P7^-^^^^w^^ I OlL xNaHaxvxs STATEMENT TO JOH £^.itri^^.-eJ^2^£:^^ @^e. r e^tii Exchange en London. £ / 3 n .^ ^^ Subscribers-only content

    Horford's Acid Phosphate

    (For Indigestion, - headache, - nervousness, - mental and - physical exhaustion, &c.) [Advertising, Patent medicines, Printed ephemera, Advertisements, patent medicine, medicine manufacturers] •UbSjO X'^^'^ O; XBj9U9 AV9U SupJBdmi puB UT^jq pajp sq; Suijo^spj 'joq^{? |b;u9ui joj Axio'edTBD qto; Subscribers-only content

    He. Ouch!!!!!!!!!

    (She. Why don't you get Mennen's Sure Corn Killer.) [Advertising, Patent medicines, Printed ephemera, Advertisements, patent medicine] tljg'P'S -Hvis " •«iiiMNao33an§ S,H3«M3y 139 noA iSOQ xh/v\ iHg MENNEN'S ^Sure Corn Killer.*- FOR THE SPEEDY, PERMANENT AND ^ PAINLESS CURE Subscribers-only content

    The Old Time Home Nurse

    (The Home Hurse of Today) [Advertising, Patent medicines, Printed ephemera, Advertisements, patent medicine, chemist] If ^gOldHmfe Home Nurse] WiJl}>h>Hi»»tA» »»wwwww>ww- Cii3 S PQ !^^i?.?.^S2J ¦Bj^int-t Ci.O^-j3 '^ P . "^ >S^- ffi G ^ 5 c c c « Subscribers-only content

    Journal of Comparative Literature

    editors as a quarterly by McClure, Phillips and Company, of New York, beginning January 1, 1903.) [Periodicals, Literature, Comparative, Periodical prospectuses] {y -HJ' o CO O Q n CO CO CO o ? • p p cn a p O- Subscribers-only content

  • * The History of Parliament *

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    RUTHERFURD, John (1712-58), of Edgerston, Roxburgh.

    1734 Jan. 1742 Ofifces Held Capt. of an indep. co. of Ft. in New York, Dec. 1741; member of council of New York 1745-d.; maj. New York Forces 1746, and of Royal Americans, Jan. 1756-d. Biography John Rutherfurd, whose father

    NORRIS, Matthew (1705-38).

    1724; freeman, New York 1734; commr. of navy at Plymouth 1737- d. Biography Matthew Norris succeeded his brother John at Rye, where he was replaced by their father at the next general election. Appointed to the New York station, he

    CRUGER, Henry (1739-1827), of Bristol.

    His brother John was mayor of New York in 1756, the first president of the New York chamber of commerce, a member of the Stamp Act congress, and Speaker of the New York assembly 1769-76. Henry Cruger’s eldest son, John

    MOMPESSON, Roger (c.1661-1715), of Lincoln’s Inn, London and Durnford, Dorset

    Massachusetts Bay, New Hampshire, Rhode Is., Pennsylvania 1703–4, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey 1703–d.; c.j. New York 1704–d., New Jersey 1705–Apr. 1709, Aug. 1709–11, Pennsylvania 1706; member, council of New York 1705–d., New Jersey 1705–d. Biography Mompesson was descended from

    MONTGOMERIE, John (1680-1731), of Giffen, Ayr.

    the mint [S] 1710-d.; groom of the bedchamber to the Prince of Wales 1714-27; gov. New York and New Jersey 1727-d. Ofifces Held Capt.-lt. 3 Ft. Gds. 1715-17, capt. and lt.-col. 1723; left army by 1727. Biography Returned as a

  • * Lane's Masonic Records *

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    no name is given

    Lodge Number (1863): 0 ReNumber (1814): 0 ReNumber (1832): 0 ReNumber (1863): 0 Notes (1): Never made a Return. Is noted in Ahiman Rezon 1804, 1807, and 1813. Meeting Places New York,New York,New York, U.S. of America 1786

    no name is given

    Lodge," 3 June 1789. On 2 Dec. 1789, No. 210 was dissolved, a New Warrant bearing the number 210, being granted to some Members of the old Lodge, and anothe Meeting Places New York,New York, U.S. of America 1779

    no name is given

    Notes (3): Is in Ahiman Rezon 1804 and 1807, but there are no records after 1782. Additional to Lane: null Status: 3 Meeting Places Second Regiment of Anspach Berauth New York,New York,New York, U. S. of America 1782

    Provincial Grand Lodge

    Sept. 1783. Notes (3): Appears in Ahiman Rezon Lists of 1804 and 1813. Not in 1807. Additional to Lane: null Status: 3 Meeting Places New York,New York, U. S. of America 1781 Assembly Hall at Roubalets, New York,

    Solomon's Lodge

    October 1788, to some Members of the old Lodge, as " Saint Patrick's Lodge, No. 212," which subsequently took rank as No. 5 of New York. N Meeting Places Royal Exchange, New york,New York, U. S. of America 1780


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