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  • * Victoria County History *

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    Friaries The white friars of Northallerton

    church ( 1372 ?). 8 His son, Ralph de Nevill, first Earl of Westmorland , left the friars of ' Alverton ' in 1424 £40 'to repair and build the kitchen and other houses.' 9 Among other bequests may be

    RELIGIOUS HOUSES Introduction

    but in neither case does the design seem to have been carried out. In the same way Master William de Alverton 's proposed foundation of Austin Friars at Northallerton in 1340 , 4 and the house of Minoresses which Sir

    Friaries Black friars of Beverley

    alms several times between 1299 and 1304 , through friars Richard of St. Nicholas, Walter of Grimsby , Thomas of Alverton , and Luke of Woodford , his confessor. From the sums given it appears the brethren numbered thirty-two or

    Hospitals Bagby - Brompton Bridge

    , granted to the hospital of St. Leonard land in Bagby , 2 as did Emma daughter of Gikel de Alverton . The site of the hospital can yet be traced in a field west of the. village. A farm-house,

    Hospitals Lowcross - Pontefract

    . (Surt. Soc.), i, 123. In 1545 J. Cape of Welbury left ' to xiij widows of the Masyndewe of Alverton xiij d .';' York Reg . of Wills, xiii, fol. 60 b . Pat. 19 Edw. II , m.

  • * Cause Papers in the Diocesan Courts of the Archbishopric of York, 1300-1858 *

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    (YorkshireNorthRiding) Place(s): West Rounton (Westrongeton) : ecclesiastical parish Yorkshire, North Riding Allertonshire (Alvertonshyre) : undefined Location: Northallerton (YorkshireNorthRiding) Place(s): Northallerton (Alverton) : town <p><!-- /* Font Definitions */ @font-face {font-family:"Cambria Math"; panose-1:2 4 5 3 5 4 6 3 2


    testator Participant: Alison Close [Close] Role: testator Details: female; spinster, deceased Location: Northallerton (YorkshireNorthRiding) Place(s): Northallerton (Northallnerton, Northallerton, Allerton, North Alverton) : town Participant: John Farley [Farley] Role: prosecution proctor Details: male Employment: Notary Public Participant: Richard Wilson [Wilson] Role:


    Place(s): Howden (Hovenden, Howden) : ecclesiastical parish Location: Howden and Hemingbrough (Hovenden et Hemingburghe) : liberty Location: Durham (Dunelm) : undefined Location: Riding Land Field (Riddinge Lande Felde) : fieldname Cannot identify Location: Northallerton (YorkshireNorthRiding) Place(s): Northallerton (Alverton) : undefined


    Place(s): Hospital of St Mary Magdalene, Ripon (Hospytall of Marie Magdalene juxta Ryppon) : undefined Location: Richmond (YorkshireNorthRiding) Place(s): Richmond (Richmonde) : town Location: Yorkshire, North Riding Place(s): Allertonshire (Alvertonshire) : undefined Location: Northallerton (YorkshireNorthRiding) Place(s): Northallerton (Alverton) : town

  • * British History Online *

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    Elizabeth, Febuary 1559, 1-10, 01 February 1558-10 February 1559

    the clock before noon. Received at Duresme [Durham ] 12 Feb. at 12 of the clock at noon. Received at Alverton [Northallerton ] 13 Feb. at 12 of t he clock at noon. Received at Burrobr[idge at ] . .

    Index, A, 01 August 1543-31 December 1543

    p. 545 : g. 226 (66). Allerthorpe , Yorks., I. p. 545. Allerton , Lanc., II. g. 107 (1). Allerton (Alverton), Soms., I. g. 474 (36). Allesworth , Glouc. See Aldsworth. Alleyn . See Alen. Allias , John, a Frenchman,


    Cheam CHEAM. Name . In the most ancient record which I have seen relating to this parish, its name is spelt Chieham; it has since been varied to Ceiham, Chayham, and Cheyham, and has now, for about two centuries

    Index, A, 01 September 1546-31 January 1547

    Haliley. Allen. See Alen. Allenby (Alenby) , Cumb., i. g. 1166 (26). Aller , Devon, i. g. 1537 (23). Allerton (Alverton) , Yorks., ii. g. 648 (25 p. 336). See also Northallerton. Allerton Grange , Yorks., ii. g. 648 (25

    Index, A, 01 January 1509-31 December 1514

    Alexandrie , earl of, a French nobleman, 3348. Aleyn . See Alen. Alfegh , John, 438 (2 m. 15). Alfereston (Alverton) alias Bigods, in Dunmow, Essex, 438 (1 m. 22). Alfonso , called in France the "Infante of Aragon," second

  • * British Newspapers 1600-1900 * *

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    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    CANON ROGERS, Penrose. A c, GEORGE SMITH, Esq., Camborne. of WILLIAM TWEEDY. Esq., Truro Vean. is `W. M. TWEEDY, Esq., Alverton. JOEIN VIVIAN, Esq., Poncalenick. ya MICHAEL WILLIAMS, REsq., Trevince. WILLIAM WILLIAMS, Esq., Tregellow.J - JOHN MICHAEL WILLIA, S, Esq., Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    same charter. 4. William, son of Sir Ingelrami de Bovington. made an agreement with Galfrid de Aresnum and Henri de Alverton, I 1256 [Charter in Scarborough Museum]. 5. ta) William, son of William de £oyington, in 1311,l had power of Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    Eing Jobn granted leaveoto 1'huiip, Bishiop of Durhasm, t to bold sifair each year at Hoveden (now Howden), and 'y, Alverton (nOW Northallertori), so that for more than 650 on years Biowden has been the scene of an annual gatheri~ng Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    WawatDng Ireighta. HOihesur~d miskets geerally dll.- rfutures: -Wahektl haep!1 au Oise, Ue 90.; Ytgezi,~ a, M , 7. d t.; Alverton, s S. Eavna 7s. 9d.; Waterloo, fi Girgeati. 7. 9d.; Batamia, s, hhte&i d*; bArthur, , Pasae, 5.. 3d., Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    a, Fuinus, 7s. 9d. clean; Jane adcliffe, e, Barcelona, lle. 9d.; Laboe, JA, Patrnas, 8s.cleao; Angelica, a, St. Nazsir3, 5f.: Alverton, e, CronStadt, 7s. 9d. fuel, fXb; Eureka, a, Gibraltar, Os. 9d.; Gazelle, a, H~oufeur, 5s. 3i.; Solenlt, a, and Subscribers-only content

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