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  • * Victoria County History *

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    Edgeworth Local government

    VIII/ 1240 rott. 49d.-50d. Hockaday Abs. xlvii, 1576 visit., f. 102. Poor Law Abstract , 1818, 144-5. Poor Law Returns ( 1830-1 ), p. 66. Ibid. ( 1835 ), p. 64. Poor Law Com . 2nd Rep . p. 522.

    HISTON Local government

    Abstract, 1804 , 34-5. Hampson , Poverty in Cambs . 209-10, citing C.R.O., P 93/12/16 . Poor Law Abstract, 1818 , 28-9; Poor Rate Returns, 1816-21 , 10; 1822-4 , 37; 1825-9 , 15; 1830-4 , 15. Poor Law

    Woodchester Local government

    B. & G. Par . Recs . 297 n. Poor Law Abstract , 1804, 180-1; 1818, 154-5. Poor Law Returns ( 1830-1 ), p. 70; ( 1835 ), p. 68. Poor Law Com . 2 nd Rep . p. 523.

    Westwick Local Government

    Although the cost of relief later rose, it never again reached £1 a head of population under the old poor law. 54 Westwick was belatedly added to Chesterton poor-law union in 1840 , 55 and later lay in Chesterton rural

    Lolworth Local government

    93 Poor Law Abstract, 1804 , 36-7. Ibid. 1818 , 28-9. Poor Rate Returns, 1816-21 , 11; 1822-4 , 38; 1825-9 , 16. Rep. H.L. Cttee. on Poor Laws , 321. Poor Rate Returns, 1830-4 , 16. Poor Law Com

  • * House of Commons Parliamentary Papers * *

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    22 April 1823, 22 April 1823

    The Viscount de Chateaubriand to the Portugueze Charge d'Affaires at Paris." " Translation of Ditto." " 4. M. de Roman Catholic Claims, Pi ton again: from the University Oxford. Agricultu Distress 8 Poor Law -etition fi Humbley; respectin£ Vessels I Subscribers-only content

    9 June 1824, 9 June 1824

    assured that such Establishments would " form the best Basis for a general and complete Reform " of the Poor Law System: The Petitioner therefore " entreats that their Lordships will be pleased to make u Enquiry on this Subject, Subscribers-only content

    25 March 1825, 25 March 1825

    support the idle ?" " I would beg to say that I conceive the proper Ope¬ ration of the Poor Law to be the very reverse of plundering the industrious to support the idle ; that I conceive to be Subscribers-only content

    Appendices, 22 April 1831

    that any other Cure can be found than by that most just and necessary Measure, the Establishment of a Poor Law for Ireland. Is it your Opinion that the Surplus of Labour has increased very materially owing to the Difficulties Subscribers-only content

    Appendices, 22 April 1831

    upon the Roads. There is an enormous Evil in that Permission, which I believe is a Portion of the Poor Law at present, that Labourers may be employed upon the Roads. At what WTages are they employed upon the Roads Subscribers-only content

  • * The History of Parliament *

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    EGERTON, Thomas II (1574-99), of Dodleston, Cheshire.

    to committees dealing with monopolies (10 Nov.) and poor law legislation (20 Dec.). As a knight of the shire he could have attended committees on enclosures (5 Nov.), the poor law (5, 22 Nov.), armour and weapons (8 Nov.), penal

    STAINES, Richard (1650-1705), of Sowerby, nr. Thirsk, Yorks.

    His only committees were to consider the charges of malversation against William Harbord and to recommend changes in the poor law, and he was not listed as a supporter of the disabling clause in the bill to restore corporations. He

    GRIFFITH, William II, of Caernarvon.

    the parliamentary journals, but as knight for Caernarvonshire he may have attended the following committees: enclosures (5 Nov.), the poor law (5, 22 Nov.), armour and weapons (8 Nov.), the penal laws (8 Nov.), monopolies (10 Nov.), the subsidy (15

    POPHAM, Sir Francis (c.1570-1644), of Wellington, Som. and Littlecote, Wilts.

    committees on enclosures and the poor law (5 Nov.), armour and weapons and the penal laws (8 Nov.), monopolies (10 Nov.), rebuilding Langport Eastover (10 Nov.), the subsidy (15 Nov.) and the poor law (22 Nov.). Nothing more need here

    CHEWTE, Charles, of Wrenham, Suff. and Kelvedon, Essex.

    Thetford to his duchy of Lancaster office. On 12 Mar. 1593 he was named to the committee considering the poor law, and as Member for Thetford he may have attended the committee for kerseys (23 Mar.). A letter from the

  • * British Newspapers 1600-1900 * *

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    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    84nday Liquor Traffic, a chylchlythyr oddiwrth y Poor Law Board mewn perthynas i wneuthur a chasglu treth y tIodion o dan yr Assessed Rates Act, 1869. DarlIenwyd Ilythyr oddiwrth y Poor Law Board yn hysbysu y bwrdd fod tymor penodiad Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    adeiladu na chynal yr ysgol os adeiledir hi ganido. Yn Canterbury mae y Bwrdd Llywodmeth Leol L (gvnt y Poor Law Board) wedi gwrthod caniatau i Relieving Officer gynyg am fod yn snyddog i'r Bwrdd L Ysgol. . PEM:BRE.-Y mae Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    nod plant yn gwneyd hyny. Y mae gohebiaeth ddvddorol wedi pasio rhwng Bwrdd Ysgol Staleybridge a'r Bwrdd Llywodraeth Ileol (Poor Law Board gynt.) Yr oedd yr auditor wedi gwrthod cadarnhaa amryw daliadau:-I. " SIm i'r Ysgrifenydd Trefol am gasgln ystadegan Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    i'r 'assistant overseer,' neu gasglwr y dre, geflo ei fod yntan yn gwneyd peth, ond ei bys- bysu ir Poor Law Board yn Llundain, y gelwid ef I noddi eyfrif am el waith yn casglu tretb atgynal ysgel yr hEglwys. Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    YMO THASA, : I - EA R -I- I ~L~~di-~acn.~D EDWARDS, h14 Yarieyd4-~PARCH~G -ARY 6ncl~ei'l .Cynjhaiiwy~d Cymdeithasfa Ghwarterol Gogladd i Cyzira yn Bes~umaris,~ar ddyd4iaUawrtb, lMercher, a Iau, 'yr'2iI,'3ydd,' ,i'r 4ydd c'yfieal.' . WYLLGOI 3 GWEITHRNDOEDD .7 CAPIELKt. COnhaliwyd y Subscribers-only content

  • * Queen Victoria's Journals *

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    Friday 5th July 1844

    the Bill for the amendment of the existing Poor Law. The discussion turned not on the Bill of Amendment introduced by Yr Majesty's Servants, but on the merits of the Poor Law, some of the provisions of which will be

    Sunday 21st March 1841

    said there was to be an examination in the Hse of Lds, on a false report of the Irish Poor Law Constitutions. A Census is to be taken this year. - Further Details Journal Entry Place of writing Version (Principal

    Friday 6th March 1846

    from Sir Robert Peel that the Govt; had been in a minority yesterday upon a question relating to the Poor Law, which he thought of like consequence in itself, but a bad thing in that it caused great exultation amongst

    Monday 14th May 1838

    attend the Hse of Lds tonight requesting Ld M. therefore to put off the 2nd Reading of the Irish Poor Law Bill. Ld. M . cannot" "hesitate to comply, as it would be great indiscretion to propose the Bill in

    Monday 1st October 1838

    them, one from Mr Hawley , one of the Poor Law Commissioners in Ireland to Mr Shaw Lefebvre , reporting favourably of the feeling in Ireland towards the Poor Law Bill. There were letters too about troubles with Ld Durham

  • * British History Online *

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    question there seemed to be no call for keeping the old spelling. He has been compelled to omit all Poor Law cases, maintenance, settlement, conveyance of vagrants and bastardy; with far greater reluctance all military matters such as the assessments

    Papers, 1837-8

    1837 William Lovett I send you a copy of the third report of the Poor Law Commissioners and I beg you to read it carefully. I mean the Report which occupies 73 pages. I know how difficult it is, in

    House of Commons Journal Volume 85, 22 February 1830, 22 February 1830-22 February 1830

    Order for Poor Law Amendment Bill, discharged. The House was moved, That the Order made upon Thursday last, That leave be given to bring in a Bill to declare and amend that part of the Poor Law relating to the


    existing want. At that, as at other times, men fell into decay or adversity. Against this evil, when no Poor Law existed, a Provident fund or Benefit society was established, supported by the stipulated contributions of all the members paid

    House of Commons Journal Volume 85, 16 June 1830, 16 June 1830-16 June 1830

    House of Commons Journal Volume 85 16 June 1830 Mercurii, 16 die Junii ; Anno 11° Georgii IV ti Regis, 1830. PRAYERS. Lord Cremorne's Estate Bill, committed. An ingrossed Bill from the Lords, intituled, An Act to enable the

  • * John Johnson Collection of Printed Ephemera * *

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    The county and local government magazine

    thought that what has been? done with some success for County Councils might be extended? to the Sanitary and Poor Law Authorities. To carry this into? effect successfully it may be necessary to materially increase the? size of the magazine, Subscribers-only content

    Proposals for the weekly publication of The Banbury guardian

    who wished to obtain it. The monthly Guardian, limited? in size, published at long intervals, and chiefly devoted to Poor Law intelligence, successful as it Has been,? has, perhaps, served rather to exhibit the necessity for a weekly Banbury journal, Subscribers-only content

    St. James' rum direct from the celebrated St. James' Plantations

    known to be the? most wholesome of all? spirits ; D' Edward Smith? M D, LLB, FRS.,? Inspector of Poor Law, in? his book « Practical Dietary » ? says in speaking of alco-? -holic beverages « Ido not? « Subscribers-only content

    Prospectus of a new Periodical, to be called The Church of the People

    TO BE TREATED OF: — ECCLESIASTICAL, &c.? Church Architecture. „ Symbolism.? Pews. Ritual Matters.? Church Music? CnuRCH Wardens. I>EAC0NS. Poor Law. Tithe and Offertory. Friendly Societies. Convocation. Provincial, Archidiaconai, and Rurt- decanal Synods.? The S.acraments.? Christian Evidences.? Other Articles on Subscribers-only content

    Dispatch permanently enlarged and reduced in price.

    (On the 18th of September the dispatch,- the most popular journal in England, circulating 30,000 copies per week,- will be enlarged to the extent allowed by the new Stamp Act, and reduced in price from 8 1/2 d. to Subscribers-only content


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