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  • * Victoria County History *

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    List of maps, plans and other text figures

    c . 1500 36 5 Chester from the west, 1585 92-3 6 Civil War defences and siege works, from S. Ward , Excavations at Chester : Civil War Siegeworks, 1642-6 , 9-10 116 7 Chester , 1823 148 8 The

    Early modern Chester 1550-1762 Introduction

    similar regional capitals and to other places in its own region, especially Liverpool . A long blockade during the Civil War, and the severe epidemic which immediately followed, were destructive only in the short term, and Chester 's long-term decline

    Wisbech Wisbech and the civil war

    Wisbech Wisbech and the civil war WISBECH AND THE CIVIL WAR The ship money controversy affected Wisbech to the extent that two journeys were made by members of the Corporation 'concerning the King's Majesties Shippinge' and 'about the Towne business

    Early modern Chester 1550-1762 Military and political affairs, 1550-1642

    Cl. Mins . 1603-42 , 211. Ibid. 212; Tracts relating to Civil War , 59-75; Morris, Siege of Chester , 25-31, 217; Fletcher, Outbreak of Eng. Civil War , 331, 333; J.C.A.S . xxviii. 188-9; Letter Books of Brereton ,

    Early modern Chester 1550-1762 The civil war and interregnum, 1642-60 Civil war defences and siege works

    Early modern Chester 1550-1762 The civil war and interregnum, 1642-60 THE CIVIL WAR AND INTERREGNUM, 1642-60 THE CIVIL WAR, 1642-6 Chester had great strategic importance during the Civil War. It could readily be garrisoned and defended, was the principal port

  • * The History of Parliament *

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    LAUGHARNE, John (?1665-1715), of Boulston, Pemb.

    Pemb. Constituency Dates Haverfordwest 1702 15 Feb 1715 Biography Descended from a distinguished parliamentary soldier in the civil war, Laugharne was a Tory under Anne. Re-elected for Haverfordwest in 1715, he died 15 Feb. 1715, the night after his election.

    COTTON, William (c.1608-73), of Botreaux Castle, Cornw.

    in 1598 and established his sons in the diocese. His father was deprived of all his possessions during the Civil War, both spiritual and temporal, and was reduced to living in a small rented house near Silverton. Although Cotton was

    COWPER, James (1622-83), of Westminster.

    a Royalist during the Civil War and claimed to have lost £17,000, although all that can be traced is a payment of £500 at Haberdashers’ Hall. Cowper himself took no part in the Civil War, during which he qualified as

    PRATT, John (c.1685-1770), of Wildernesse, nr. Sevenoaks, Kent.

    Descended from an old Devonshire family, who had lost their estates in the Civil War, Pratt inherited Wildernesse, bought by his father in 1705. Returned for Sandwich in 1741 on the interest of Sir George Oxenden, who wrote that the

    SWINFEN, Richard (?1678-1726), of Swinfen, Staffs.

    Tamworth 1659, 1661-79, 1681, and Bere Alston 1690-4, who played an active part on the parliamentary side in the civil war and was one of the Members chosen to draw up the exclusion bill in 1679. A Whig, he was

  • * British History Online *

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    America and West Indies, July 1636, 01 July 1636-31 July 1636

    of New England." The present face of things very tumultuous. The French continually encroach and arm the natives for civil war, who kill and steal when they can. A report that the patent is damned, which has caused 'great discouragement

    AUDLING, Edward

    1617-1641 Place of birth England (Lincoln) Other notes Free of SA 1624. Trouble 1627-8. MD Cantab 1632. Alive in Civil War. Censorial hearings 4 May 1627 Entry A admitted some practice and accused MACKACKLYN 502 of treating Mrs Page. Action

    September 1642, Order for Stage-plays to cease., 02 September 1642-02 September 1642

    steeped in her own Blood, and the distracted Estate of England, threatened with a Cloud of Blood by a Civil War, call for all possible Means to appease and avert the Wrath of God, appearing in these Judgements; among which,

    July 1643, Ordinance for adjourning the Assizes., 10 July 1643-10 July 1643

    Calamities with which this whole Kingdom and Nation is now infested, the Face and cruel Effects of an unnatural Civil War being too visible and apparent in all the Parts thereof, and the Power of the Sword so prevailing as

    Historical preface, 1645-46

    Gardiner's Civil War, III., p. 135. Burton, VI., p. 404. Gardiner's Civil War, III., p. 137. Gardiner's Civil War, III., p. 138. Napier, p. 408. Gardiner's Civil War, III., p. 143. Britanes Distemper, pp. 200, 201. Gardiner's Civil War, III.,

  • * British Newspapers 1600-1900 * *

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    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    yagolnachaf, yr hon syddwsedi erlaantn I Edan ddosbth, un yndysgu yr elfenau, a'r llail y i darllen gwaith Voltaire, "Civil War." Cafwyd papyrau o werth mawr gan bedar a fechgyn,. ae yr oedd y gweddll yn dyfod ymlaen yn dda. Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    ef. Ymyeg y dosbarth blaenaf o'r yehydig hyn, ! gellir enwi Mr. J. Roland Phillips, awdwr talentog y u Civil War in Wales and the Jfarches, Yn ddiweddar cl eyhoeddodd Mr. Phillips draethawd rhagorol ar hanes i Swydd Forganwg, ond Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    Proffesw.r Rhys Davids, awdwr Llawlyfr poblogaidd ar Buddhism, Profifeswr Tanner, Mr. Stephen Evans, Mr. J. Roland Phillips, awdwr "The Civil War in Wales," Dr. Isambard Owen, M.A., y Parch. John Davies, M.A., yr yagolhaig Dwyreiniol envog, Mr. Ewing Ritchie, mwy Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    Roland Phillips ar SefyIlfa Cymmr o dan y Tudors. Fe wyr darllen- wyr ilyfr Mr Phillips ar ' The Civil War in Wales nud the Marches,' ei fod yn awdurdod ar hanesiaeth ein gwlad vn y cyfnod dan sylw. Gyda Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    that he has always found d ~fe snd reliable, he patriotism of' Irish-Americans was conspicuously displayed during the late civil war and many a veteran bt home with him painful reminders of the hard- si~psof the field. The complaints thus Subscribers-only content

  • * John Strype's Survey of London Online *

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    Appendix 1, Chapter 1 A Second APPENDIX.

    true) and had farther laid down, that the *** Interruption of these every Day Readings was owing to the Civil War Time, to the great Sickness, or to the Fire of London , thought fit no longer to insist on

    Book 3, Chapter 8 [Disbu

    thereof again; but before such a Work could be brought to Form and Order for Reparation, it was all ruined by the dreadful The Condition of this Church in the Civil War time, and after. Consumed in the great Fire.

    Book 4, Chapter 4 Suburbs. The Lady Duddeley's Gifts.

    relieving the Poor out of the Money received for them) by the Reformers (as they were called) in the Civil War time. Besides these Largesses and Christian Liberalities to St. Giles , She gave long since to the Churches of

    Book 6, Chapter 6 The City of WESTMINSTER.

    Sir Tho. Smith of Hough in Cheshire , dyed Apr. 5. 1688 . Who bore the Misfortunes of the Civil War, by adhereing to the Royal Interest of K. Charles I . with Christian Fortitude. Aged 78. Dame Mary his

    Book 6, Chapter 6 The City of WESTMINSTER.

    of King Charles the First , in a Military Employment, and bore Arms for the King during the whole Civil War. In which his Father and himself lost an Estate of a Thousand Pounds a Year. After the Restauration he

  • * John Johnson Collection of Printed Ephemera * *

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    The King's Manor House, York

    erected with materials taken from St. Mary's Abbey. Charles 1 resided at the Manor before . outbreak of the Civil War, also held Parliament here. as a {garrison for the Royalist !iers during the siege of 1644. i>came a Royal Subscribers-only content

    York Minster

    Histori YORK York .Minster tho haptism? NorthiiMibria al Build If!' MINSTER in (>27, K<lwiii of? after his During the Civil War. wh<'i? (rdiiiwrll'M Noldirrx were (lostroy? iii){ religious earvings and ntainec? >!lasM, the Min»t<T e«e«pe<l scriout iissajojd guTSJUM aqi? puaujuioDaJ Subscribers-only content

    The girl's own paper

    MARGAREt Majendie, Author of? Sacrifice," etc. Illustrated by M. L. Gow. Bessie's An Oxford Maid. A Story of the Civil War. By Sarah Tytler, Author of "Papers for Thoughtful? Girls," etc. ^ ''It is a graceful compliment to the quality Subscribers-only content

    The registers of S. Mary's Parish Church, Reading, Berks, 1538-1812. transcribed by Gibbs Payne Crawfurd, M.A.

    the exception of some irregularity during? the few years in which Reading was engaged in the? troubles of the Civil War, are unusually complete, and? they are now prepared for publication in the hope that? the public will assist in Subscribers-only content

    Explanatory note

    [American Civil War, 1861-1865, Theater, Playbills] (t n ^ tfi ^ n ^ "5 '^Cfq CD p ?^9-o- 'p- .55-' »-(-> ft} o o g a.a.o a- ^ tr liro -a B c ^ ""I ^b: ^ gl Ss P Subscribers-only content

  • * Transcribed Papers of Jeremy Bentham *

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    correlative hard cash cease to bear that price. That such would be the effect in the event of a Civil War or a serious invasion will scarcely admitt of doubt: and that an effect of the same nature though to

  • * House of Commons Parliamentary Papers * *

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    20 February 1706, 20 February 1707

    Judges. * Dixon •verfui AnneflejV Upon reading the Petition of Captain Thomas Orme; fhewing, &quot; That, in the late Civil War, the Tithes of &quot; Matchfleld, in the County of Stafford, (being Part of &quot; the Eftate of Captain William Subscribers-only content

    9 February 1715, 9 February 1716

    &quot; bring Oppreffion on your Fellow-fubjects. &quot; Your Lordfhips obferve, I avoid expatiating on the &quot; Miferies of a Civil War, a very large and copious &quot; Subject: I Shall but barely fuggeft to you on that &quot; Head, that Subscribers-only content

    11 October 1722, 11 October 1722

    Nation is no Invitation to Foreign Powers to invade us, nor Encouragement to Do- meftic Enemies to kindle a Civil War in the Bowels of the Kingdom. Your own Intereft and Welfare call upon you to defend yourfelves. I fhall Subscribers-only content

    3 March 1772, 3 March 1772

    would &quot; probably bring upon the Royal Family and the Na- tc tion all the Miferies and Horrors of Civil War : IE Jovis, 5° Martii 1772. Domini tarn Spirit uales quam Temporales prsefentes fuerunt: a. *&apos; : Becaufe, though Subscribers-only content

    30 November 1774, 30 November 1774

    or Information, to commit ourfelves in De¬ clarations, which may precipitate our Country into all the Calamities of a Civil War. Proteft there- upon. cc c; cc cc cc cc cc cc (C Ci &lt;c cc &lt;c Cc cc cc Subscribers-only content


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